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What is causing my hardwood floors to warp?

September 19th, 2016


Many people take pride in the beautiful hardwood floors they have in their home since they can make any room look sleek and more modern. One of the last things you, as a homeowner, want to see is your hardwood floors start to warp and buckle. The main cause of most warping is a change in temperature between the seasons that increases the moisture or humidity underneath the flooring while the air above the floors remain dry. This usually occurs during the summer when the space under the floors is humid and the air above is dry because of the use of air conditioners. The imbalance of moisture makes the wood expand and since the wooden planks are placed side by side and have nowhere to move, the planks rise and buckle.

There are certain types of warping that are not as serious as others. Cupping is a type of minor warping that can be fixed without ripping out the planks of wood from your floor. Cupped floors usually have raised sides and a sunken middle and both solid and engineered wooden floors can both fall victim to cupping but can usually be easily fixed by rebalancing the moisture of the room. Since cupping occurs when the space under the floors are more humid than the rest of the room, you will need to make the air less dry by using fans to blow hot hair into the room. If there is a basement below the cupped flooring, try putting a dehumidifier there to draw out the moisture from the floors, balancing the humidity underneath and above the wooden floors.

If the warping is more serious and it could not be fixed by simply balancing out the humidity above and below the floors, you will need to call your local restoration professional to remove and replace the warped planks and/or the entire floor. Call Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance to help with your warped floors today!

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