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How to Make My Home or Condo Worth More?

September 30th, 2016

 How to Make My Home or condo Worth More?

If you are trying to put your house or condo on the market, or just trying to make it worth more money, there are several changes you could make that will increase its value.


1. Paint

The easiest and cheapest way to make your home worth more money is to give it a fresh coat of paint and try to stay as neutral with your color choice as possible. Even though it is easy, buyers judge heavily on whether they can picture their furniture and belongings in a home based on if the color of the walls is neutral enough.

2. Flexible rooms

Try not to have a room look like it serves only one purpose. If you are putting your condo on the market, it might be difficult for potential homebuyers to imagine putting their home office in your child’s playroom.

3. Bathroom Renovation

Remodel the bathroom to make it more modern and spacious. If the bathroom is especially small, try tearing out the bathroom closet and use that space as an addition to the bathroom instead of it being closed off.

4. Kitchen Renovation

Dated kitchens could be a turn off for homebuyers, so repainting the kitchen and replacing the hardware and appliances add value to your home and make it look more attractive to buyers.

5. Hardwood Floors

Replace carpets with hardwood flooring to make the space seem more modern and up to date.

6. Green

Make your home energy efficient with green appliances to increase the curb appeal of your home. Add ceiling fans in as many rooms as possible to attract buyers since they are more energy efficient and would decrease the price on their electric bill every month.

7. Storage

Adding storage and extra shelving will make it more attractive to potential buyers since it is difficult to find a home with adequate space, especially in New York City.

8. Molding

Repainting the molding is a cheap way to make the house or condo look fresher without spending a fortune.

9. Lighting

Make sure there is suitable lighting in every room to make the rooms look bigger and brighter, especially if the space is small.

10. Make the lobby appealing

If you own a condo or apartment building, make the façade of the building more attractive to buyers. Fix the landscaping outside. If outside does not look appealing, homebuyers will already have a bad judgement before they even walk into the condo. Even the way the front lobby looks matters to potential buyers.

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