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10 Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation

November 11th, 2016

 10 Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation


Adding lighting in areas that are usually hidden, such as under the cabinets, will help brighten up the room and create a better workspace for cooking. Simple lighting additions like this will not be a budget buster and will make a world of a difference in your kitchen. Light fixtures are also a way for you to add a bit of your style in the kitchen.


Make sure the kitchen fits you and your family

The function of the kitchen needs to fit how you function in a kitchen. If you need more room when you’re cooking, consider including an island to add a statement piece and to increase counter space. Many might think that adding an island will take up too much space, but it can be multi-functional; you could add a dishwasher or more storage space in the island.


Updating your hardware can make a huge difference in your kitchen. If you match the cabinet knobs with the faucet, it will bring everything together and create a unified look in the kitchen.

Add a backsplash

Adding a backsplash under the cabinets might seem obvious, but this is where most people get creative. Creating an interesting pattern will draw attention to the area and away from other parts of the kitchen you choose to not update. It is also less expensive to focus on adding a backsplash than other aspects of the kitchen since it is a much smaller space.


If you are happy with the cabinets you already have but you want a change, a simple coat or two of paint will make a difference. You can also add soft-close hinges to your cabinets to eliminate noise when you open and close them. If you want to completely revamp your kitchen cabinets and get new ones, hire a professional cabinetmaker that will build a custom made unit to perfectly fit into the space and store the appliances.


The main purpose of countertops is to add workspace in your kitchen and to avoid making you feel cramped; countertops are usually around 25 inches from the wall to the edge. Marble and granite countertops are the most desired choice for countertops since they are beautiful and last long, but they are also expensive. Tile countertops are an inexpensive choice and can allow you to get creative with design.


Make sure the appliances you add to your kitchen fit your needs. If you barely use a stove, save your money on a state of the art stove and get a less expensive one that still fits your kitchen style. Green energy appliances are also becoming more popular because it contributes to helping the environment while saving money on your energy bill.


Choose a floor that is durable because a kitchen is the place in your home that gets dirtier quicker with food, foot traffic, etc. Porcelain tile is a sturdy, yet beautiful floor choice. Stone is also strong and more resilient than wood.

Add seating

If you have a big enough kitchen, adding a bench/chairs to the countertop or island, a small table with some chairs, or even a little breakfast nook will also add aesthetic to your kitchen and make it more cozy as well as add function to an area that would not be used otherwise.

Hire a professional

The main thing you should consider before you start a complete kitchen renovation is that you will not be able to use your kitchen for a while during the process. If the kitchen being renovated is the only kitchen in your home, make sure you hire a professional team to get the job done as fast as possible without sacrificing quality and style. A professional might cost more than doing it yourself, but will save you money in the long run since it will last longer. Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance specializes in renovations and will work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams!

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