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How to Keep Warm in the Winter

November 23rd, 2016

How to Keep Warm in the Winter

Winter has officially arrived in New York City and the last thing you want is to face the cold in your own home. Before the temperature drops lower, you should start thinking about how to get your home ready. Acting now will prevent further problems that might occur later in the season. There are many ways to prepare your home for the frigid weather that won’t strain your wallet.


Make sure your home is well insulated. All gaps between doors and windows can cause cold air to leak into your home, defeating the purpose of turning on heat and wasting your money. Closing up those gaps will trap the heat in longer. Recessed ceiling lights can be another cause of hot air leaving your home. The walls should also be safely insulated as well as any wooden floors. The reason why hardwood floors should be insulated is because the insulation traps any heat that could be leaking in between any spaces.

Instead of turning on your thermostat full blast, if you have ceiling fans in your home, switch them to turn clockwise to push the rising heat down. This makes your home more heat efficient so you do not need to crank you the heat as much as you would before.

If you are one of the fortunate few who have a fireplace in your home, make sure it is cleaned well before using it. Fireplaces that are not cleaned can cause house fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

Pay attention to the insulation around your water pipes. Insulating water pipes prevents them from freezing and bursting when the weather gets really cold.

A thermostat with Smart technology is more efficient because you can program the thermostat to be a set temperature at certain times of the day. For example, when no one is home during the day, the heat does not have to be sky high since no one would be there enjoying it! When you are on your way home, you can program the thermostat to be at a higher temperature so you can walk in to a warm home.

Open the curtains a little during the day to let the warmth in and close them at night. Also, if there are pieces of furniture blocking the vents or radiators in your home, move them out of the way so the heat can actually heat up your home.

Close doors that are not being used to lower the area the heater has to heat up. By doing this, the parts of the house that are being used will heat up faster and stay heated for longer.

If you have noticed that your heating system has not been working as well as it should, call a heating professional for an inspection. If you do not get this taken care of now, you risk the possibility of you heating system breaking down in the middle of the winter. It is advised to get your heating system serviced and maintained often. Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance is a licensed restoration company that specializes in preparing homes for the winter in New York City. 

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