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How to utilize space in your home

February 07th, 2017

How to utilize space in your home

As New Yorkers, we have grown to come to terms with living in smaller spaces for the amazing convenience of living in NYC. But just because a space can be small does not mean it cannot be utilized for maximum storage use!

Open shelves instead of closed off cabinets
Usually, when we think of storage, we think of cabinet units that can store a lot of things. But in a small space, open shelves and cabinets that do not have doors on them are good to make the room seem less closed off.

Furniture with a Function
It is always a good idea to have storage spots that are in furniture. An ottoman that can be opened to store things or a coffee table that has a hidden storage unit is a great idea for a smaller space. A bed frame that has hidden storage space underneath is also a way to utilize as much space as possible. Even a kitchen island can have a small fridge installed to save space.

Recessed Cabinet Units
Instead of adding an entire cabinet unit to a room, adding a recessed cabinet unit does not take up any space since it is embedded into your wall. If it does not get in the way of the overall layout of your home or apartment, recessed storage units are a brilliant and space-saving idea!

Coat racks
Instead of using your front closet to hang up coats, use a coat rack for your coats instead and use the closet to store things that are more bulky.

Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance specialized in custom cabinet units and space utilization!





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