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Space Saving Tips

March 14th, 2017


Even the smallest spaces can be transformed into an area that can be utilized for maximum use. Custom cabinet units are the most efficient way to accomplish this because they can be built around the already occupied space. Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance specializes in custom cabinetry units that transform areas into a space saver’s paradise.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry that helps save space without occupying too much room is a must for homes in New York City. Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance designs custom cabinet units that fit around the appliances and countertops of the kitchen to ensure that everything flows properly. The most important aspect of this is to take advantage of the space available without consuming the entire kitchen. The custom cabinet unit can have added aspects such as a sponge drawer, which saves countertop space, and slide out drawers that can be used as a pantry. Slide out garbage bins that are built into the cabinet unit is also a great way to save space.

kitchen1  sinkcabinet kitchen8

Built in shelves

Shelving might seem like an obvious solution to save space in your home, but it is a fantastic way to increase the surface area for storage. Designing a unit that is built into a wall will help you store more of your belongings without occupying any added space. Retractable shelves are also a brilliant idea to save space in a custom cabinet unit.

shelving  bedroomshelving  playroom2

Smaller Furniture

A large piece of furniture can take up too much space and be the focus of a room. Smaller furniture will give the illusion that the room is bigger.


Hidden Storage

Furniture that has hidden storage space like a multipurpose bench or a storage ottoman is always a good idea to save room in your home, but there are other ways to boost space. The professional cabinet makers at Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance focus on transforming small, unused areas into space efficient spaces. A small nook in a living room that is not being used can be converted into a closet with multiple shelves that are hidden for more privacy.

cabinetry7 bathroomreno2

Renovate unused and unwanted space

If there is an area in your home that is not used to its full potential, renovating the space into a room that will be used more often is a terrific option. Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance has renovated a myriad of rooms in New York City homes to fit the customer’s style of life. In the picture below, the customer did not use their kitchen enough to want to have a full room dedicated to it, so Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance transformed the space into a bedroom and added a small kitchen area in the living room. 


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