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Fall Renovation Ideas

August 31st, 2017


As summer is dwindling down towards its end, homeowners across the New York City area should think about what renovations they would want to complete before the winter months begin.

Replace or repair your roof if it appears to have any cracks or seems to be damaged. The last thing you want during the harsh winter is to have snow and ice damage the roof even more, causing leaks. If a snowfall is heavy enough and eventually turns into ice, it can fall through a severely damaged roof. This would entail more costs and more grief for you as a homeowner, so make sure your roof is secure enough to endure a New York City winter.

Any outside work like renovating your backyard or painting the outside of your home should be done before the winter comes.

Replace your windows if they are old and do not insulate your home against cold weather. This will help your heating bill since you would not need to crank the thermostat up high enough to keep your home warm while most of the hot air escapes through the cracks in old windows.

Kitchen renovations should be completed by the time fall comes around. It is easier to renovate a kitchen during warmer months since you have the option of cooking outside while the kitchen is being renovated.

Make sure your home in well insulted. Even though replacing old windows might help with insulation, insulting parts of your home like your attic will effectively reduce your heating bill even more.


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