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Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

October 20th, 2017


Home renovations take time, effort and an experienced team of professionals. Before you start undertaking a large scale renovation this fall, there are certain things you should avoid so it does not cost you in the long run.

Hiring an undependable contractor
Before you pick the first contractor you find, you should get estimates from multiple other contractors in order to compare prices and plans. It is also beneficial to get a construction company that has a contractor as well as a designer. This saves the burden of dealing with two separate companies. Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance specializes in the design and build approach of construction and offers free estimates.

Having an impractical budget
Setting a budget that is unrealistically low can leave you running out of money mid-project and living with a half-finished bathroom. Make sure you are reasonable in predicting your budget and get a trustworthy contractor that does not just tell you what you want to hear. Also, problems and obstacles are common in renovations. You can be renovating your kitchen and midway through, your contractor happens to come across a major plumbing problem in your home that needs to be fixed. Always be sure to have some money saved for the surprises that come along.

Not doing your research
ALWAYS research before attempting a renovation! Researching will help you understand what kind of design you prefer so that once you meet with your designer/contractor, they will be able to listen and get a good concept of what you want.

Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance is a design and build construction company that works with your budget and ideas to help your renovation dreams become a reality

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