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Case Study- 1930's Greenwich Village Building

January 18th, 2018


A 1930’s apartment building in the Greenwich Village Historic District of Manhattan had a massive leak in a main plumbing line that caused substantial damage to kitchens in three of the apartments. The professionals at Go Pro used their plumbing skills to stop the leak and repair the plumbing while the Restoration & Maintenance team restored the kitchens. Although Go Pro alleviated the plumbing issue, the floors, ceilings and walls of the three kitchens were ruined due to water damage.


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The leak was not only caused by a plumbing issue, but was also caused by an exterior leak. Therefore, Go Pro Plumbing & Heating did reverse waterproofing to prevent water from entering the interior of the building from the exterior, which is usually 

done in older buildings. Our plumbing and heating team also replaced and re-insulated all of the hot and cold water lines, replace the steam supply and return risers from one floor to another as well as refurbish and reinstall the original 1930’s radiators to the three apartments. Each apartment received brand new plumbing, insulation and electrical work since everything was destroyed by the leak. Go Pro worked in tangent with other subcontractors including window installation and mold remediation subcontractors to keep the project running efficiently. Our company also worked closely with the buildings insurance carrier to ensure that everything was done without unforeseen issues or obstacles. 

The restoration professionals at Go Pro used their talent and skills to restore the three apartments while keeping in mind the integrity of the original structure of the building. Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance started by demoing the kitchens. Each apartment was handled differently depending on what each client desired.

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Go Pro removed the cabinets in each kitchen, but carefully stored one of the client’s cabinets because she wanted to preserve the original aesthetic of what her kitchen looked like before the leak occurred. We also demoed the exterior walls in the kitchen as well as a section of the ceiling before framing. After we framed the walls, we meticulously waterproofed each nail for all screw and nail penetrations to prevent damage in case another leak occurred in the future. The professionals at Go Pro then skim coated, sanded and primed the walls and ceilings. In one of the kitchens, we built a partition wall to create a separate dining area for versatility.img 2    img 6

Prior to installing the floors, Go Pro installed Laticrete waterproofing membrane on the floors and 6 inches above the floors on the perimeter walls of the kitchen. Then, we installed sound proof floor padding. Our clients in each apartment wanted different floors for their kitchen: one client wanted tile floors, another wanted prefinished wood floors and the other wanted hardwood floors which we sanded, stained and polyurethaned. In one apartment, we reinstalled the old cabinets, light fixtures and appliances as per the client’s request. The other two apartments were left primed and ready to be painted as well as brand new floors.The entire project, including all plumbing repairs and installations and restoration and renovations of the three kitchens took only three months to complete.

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