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How to utilize space in your home

As New Yorkers, we have grown to come to terms with living in smaller spaces for the amazing convenience of living in NYC. But just because a space can be small does not mean it cannot be utilized for maximum storage use!

Which Hardwood Floor Choice is Right For You?

During home renovations, many people seek to either refurbish their hardwood floors or replace their old flooring with a new, more modern choice. There are many different types of hardwood floors that homeowners can choose that fit in with the rest of their home’s aesthetic.

Renovation Trends in 2016

As 2016 is winding down the an end, and we will soon be welcoming in the new year, it’s clear we have seen some interesting renovation trends so far:

Most people assume that when the cold weather comes around, it is harder to renovate your home. Although this is the case for most projects, other projects can actually be done in the winter without many setbacks because of the weather, and might actually be cheaper compared to spring and summer months.

How to Keep Warm in the Winter

Winter has officially arrived in New York City and the last thing you want is to face the cold in your own home. Before the temperature drops lower, you should start thinking about how to get your home ready. Acting now will prevent further problems that might occur later in the season. There are many ways to prepare your home for the frigid weather that won’t strain your wallet.

How to Make Your Home Green

Light bulbs
This might seem obvious, but switching to energy saving light bulbs will have huge benefits for the environment and help lower the price on your monthly energy bill. CFL and LED bulbs even last longer!

 10 Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation


Adding lighting in areas that are usually hidden, such as under the cabinets, will help brighten up the room and create a better workspace for cooking. Simple lighting additions like this will not be a budget buster and will make a world of a difference in your kitchen. Light fixtures are also a way for you to add a bit of your style in the kitchen.


Mold is a word that we do not like to hear. Although it is unappetizing to think about, it is imperative that every home or business owner understands the causes of mold and the ways to remedy it since an ongoing presence of mold can lead to dangerous health effects such as lung and other respiratory problems.


If you are looking to remodel your bathroom to make it look more modern, but the space you are working with is a bit small, there are some things you can do during your renovation that will make the room seem more spacious and open.

 How to Make My Home or condo Worth More?

If you are trying to put your house or condo on the market, or just trying to make it worth more money, there are several changes you could make that will increase its value.

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