Complete & Interior Demolition Services

At Go Pro Restoration & Maintenance, we handle demolition projects after fire or water damage has occurred and also handle demolition projects during structural remodels and additions. Our professionals will get the job done quickly and efficiently to minimize business disruptions during the process. 

We offer both selective interior and complete demolition services:

  • Interior demolition - Selective or hand demolition methods are used after fire or flood damage when a specific area within the interior structure must be demolished. Our crew is well qualified to handle selective demolition projects when working within a contained area, without disturbing surrounding materials.

  • Complete demolition - We provide manual or mechanical tear-downs when complete demolition of a structure is required. For single-family dwellings and two/three-story buildings, large hydraulic equipment such as elevated work platforms, cranes, bulldozers or excavators are used. For larger buildings, wrecking balls or excavators with rotational hydraulic shears and silenced rock-breakers are typically used.    


  Our professionals are prepared to assist in completing the important steps that are often necessary before demolition can occur.

These include:

  • Performing asbestos abatement
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Submitting necessary notifications
  • Disconnecting utilities
  • Baiting rodents
  • Developing site-specific safety and work plans